Welcome to a Virtual Reality adventure, where your home becomes your SpaceShip.

Forge your own ship ingame to make your adventure unique.

Discover civilizations and change their paths with your choices.

Solve puzzles and reach hidden treasures.

A shadow lurks deep in space, getting closer and closer to planet Earth. If
you want to rescue your homeworld, you must forge your own ship and
go explore the infinite universe to discover ancient civilizations and
unearth the clues that will help you find out how to fight this new evil.
Build and customize your own ship as you want with a multitude of
components that will completely change how you deal with all the
situations encountered in this unexplored part of the void. You can meet
a lot of adversity in the universe and you will need to fight your way out,
negotiate with the different powers ruling the place to make the most of
the situation, solve some deadly enigmas and decrypt mysteries to learn
about the most hidden galaxy’s secrets. Will the Earth survive its ordeal
or will it get destroyed once and for all ? That’s all up to you !

Project Progression
Demo 100%
New Stellar Systems
Enemy Ships

Forge your own ship.

Discover ancient civilizations.

Solve mysteries and learn about the galaxy lore.